Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Archaic, is what I hear Mrs. Jenkins saying for me to answer her( she could tell I was in my own world). But Bergan of course just had to answer( it was wrong what she said to). Cause of her I'm sitting her in the lunch room with Mr. Waldron. D-Hall is what they call it but I like to think of it as H- E- double hoockey sticks. Everything is so dull in the luch room, you know how some luch rooms are pretty and have you looking out onto the ocean. Fortunately we're looking at the road wacthing your dreams of becaming someone important leave in your car. Gaining strength to go into the luch room, I see everyone leavein to go OFF campus for lunch. He is stopping me form prevailing in my furture. I start to think maybe if I can just talk my way out of it; maybe just maybe he will let me go. Just as soon as I ajar the doors my stomach leave. Kaylee I'm yellin this as loud as I can across the room. Leaving everything right there on the ground I run towards her. Must I say people act like they have never seen me make a fool of myself before. Not that it happans all the time( cause it does). Opps!!! I just made Kase drop his tray. Plight something up, I start to think real hard to hard infact that my brain starts hurting. Quickly I run, but as for me I myself wasn't blessed with my moms sprint realy speed. Resentfuly I just sit there and hope no one sees what I've done. Soon I'm facing Mr. Waldron; he really doesn't look to happy with me. T'keyah, he say why are yon not sitting over here where your suppous to be sitting. Urgently I make up and exsue that he doesn't believe( go figure).Veritgo is the way I walked over to the table ( cause me hitting Kase's tray I hit my head to). Willing is the way I walked to the table, but in my head I was making another plan. Xtremely I start to spaze out with tears, and I don't even know why I guess you could say( pms) it was bout to make me look like a complete dummby. Yelling at everyone I start to turn into some kind of animal but it so weird cause has never happend to me befor; what kind of animal is it? Zebra thats what it is when I notice I have a tail and stripes; none I here sitting in the Zoo all thanks to Bergan.

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