Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a Dog World

Wow!!! Today is the big day. I just can't believe it's finally here. I'm SO EXCITED.. I just keep on jumping on T'keyah I just... I just can't help it. You know how you feel when you humans just got a raise at work, Well that's how I feel RIGHT NOW! T'keyah keeps on saying that I'm miffing her ( she is trying to use big words, it's not working if you ask me.) Anyways the party starts at 3 and it is now 11:00. But it seems so long. I guess cause I've been up since well about 6:00 ( what I can't help it i'm Excited.)

T'keyah just left me here. On this most important day of my life.( well i guess i should tell you what to day is, It's my birthday and for a dog you have to cherish them) Where did she go, how could she leave the house like this without me. I'm gonna bite her when she comes back and no not one of those playful ones the REAL THING. I'm so ticked off at her. Where is mom I'm gonna go tell her what just happened. Wait i can't let this ruin my day. Ok Kibbles get a hold of your self go take a nap and just calm down, before they give you away ( which I doubt). But before I reached my bed T'keyah came their the door with some of my friends, Bites, Blue, Bandit, and Bella, and my cousin Noah and Sarah. Ok for a little Yorkie like me that just made me jump the walls and you know how us dogs seem to pee when we get happy( T'keyah wasn't happy bout that at all). Then the door bell rang and guess what It was my brother and his owner Chelsea. This day can not get any better.

Before I could thank everyone for coming T'keyah come out with this BIG and I mean BIG doggy bone that has my name in it. I think I passed out for a bit when she put it on the table. Well after the party I was so so tired form all the excitemeant and all that I just had to take a nap. so I laid by T'keyah and she just rubbed my belly till I did.

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